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01-14-2009, 10:58 AM
<span style="font-weight: bold">January 24th</span> is the annual show in Tubac which is always a huge show, 400+ cars parked on the grass at the Golf Club. Full details available at www.carnuts.org. (https://www.carnuts.org)

<span style="font-weight: bold">Feb.7th</span> is Motoring thru Time at Heritage Square. Go to the City of Phoenix parks site for details on that one.

<span style="font-weight: bold">Feb.12th</span> is the Sweetheart Car Show in Gold Canyon.

<span style="font-weight: bold">Feb 21st and 22nd</span> is the Highland Games at Margaret Hance Park in Phoenix.

<span style="font-weight: bold">Feb. 27, 28th &amp; March 1st</span> is the Tucson British Car Roundup. Go to https://tucsonbritish.com/Roundup.aspx. (https://tucsonbritish.com/Roundup.aspx)

<span style="font-weight: bold">March 8th</span> is the Wheels of Britain at Heritage Square in Phoenix.

03-09-2009, 03:55 AM
Photos from a few of the events!

Tucson British Car Roundup:

Wheels of Britain (Phoenix):

03-09-2009, 02:08 PM
Hi Jody!
The pictures of the TBCR Roundup look great, and I do appreciate those of my car. I would have gotten out of the way if I'd known what you were doing. As it is, you probably got the best part of me.