View Full Version : Should I let work fit a hands free kit?

07-17-2004, 05:02 AM
At our company opt either to have a company car or take the cash, as company car's are taxed at a truly stupid level in the UK (it would cost me 250 a month in tax just for the perk of being able to use the car that my company would provide me with for free), I went for the cash and drive me own car.

OK so now the new phone legislation is through and my company being a responsible employer as well as fitting car kits in all company cars has offered to fit them into all employee's cars that have company phones.

The only problem is that the kits, being the fully intergrated kind that play through your stereo and interrupt it require drilling holes into the dashboard to fit. Now while I welcome not having to pull of the road whenever the mobile phone rings I'm not mad keen on having a bunch of holes in my dashboard when I come to trading in or selling the car or leaving the car kit in there (what if the new purchaser or garage doesn't use a compatible type of phone?).

Obviously those people with company cars don't care what or how the resale value of their cars is effected by the car kit and so have had them fitted. It would definatly be useful to have the kit but is there a way to offset the damage to the car?

Myself I think maybe by the time I come to selling the car, these kind of kits will be so common and probably fitted as standard in many cars so having it already fitted will be an asset.


It could easily knock a grand or so off the price of the car and I should attempt to force work to find a less invasive kit (although all decent ones seem to require this kind of fitting).

Do you think I should go ahead and have it fitted or not?



Geo Hahn
07-17-2004, 03:07 PM
You don't say what the car is but since you're asking the question I will assume it is nice enough that it would be a car I would not want to drill extra holes in.

It is usually fairly easy to install non-original accessories (speakers, alarms, kill switches, CD players) without irreversable modification... just requires a bit of creativity and perhaps an auxillary panel or bracket.

Hands free is a safety (and possible legal) issue -- but hopefully one that can be met with a non-invasive approach.

07-17-2004, 04:47 PM
Hi Darkheart.
If you get your Company to install a Bury Kit there are NO holes to be drilled. The cradles are fitted with "smart bracket" which are model dependant.
Cradles are available for most UK issue phones.
I don't know what network your Company uses but certainly Vodafone Corporate offer this kit as an option.
My Company has about 600 of these units currently installed.