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06-22-2004, 12:40 PM
Working on a friends '77 midget (sorry if this is long - need to explain since I don't know correct names). she took it into the shop because when she put it in gear and engaged the clutch nothing happened. Shop (general auto maintenance) replaced slave cylinder and some other stuff. Two days later same thing happened. I took off the gaiter surrounding the shift lever and found that the shifter arm had lifted completely out of the arm inside the remote because the retainer cup had broken.

Do I need a complete new shifter arm or are parts sold separately, or do I need to replace the complete shifter arm as an assembly? I only have a Haynes Manual right now, is there an online source for parts that has good diagrams like Rimmer Brothers for TR's?

Not in a hurry, sent midget to shop for paint job. Told friend next time just tow it home, not to a shop and let me look at it first. There are a few good LBC mechanics here.
thanks in advance

06-22-2004, 01:14 PM
try here


i think you mean the twist to lock upper cup?
can it be repaired?

there is a pic in the link above. i think you mean number 55. it is not listed on the list below the pic. perhaps a call to Moss and they may be able to help you.

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06-22-2004, 01:41 PM
retainer cup is ok, this cup is popping out of the center of the retainer cup via a spring.

06-22-2004, 02:38 PM
victoriabritish.com is also a good source of parts, but you'll have to order the catalog.

06-22-2004, 02:42 PM
Victoria is showing a lever for the Spit, at $120.00, but nothing for the Midget. Same tranny, different lever.
Try Moss, TRF, or T&S Imports.

06-22-2004, 09:22 PM
thanks guys. didn't think of looking at spitty parts also.