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09-16-2008, 04:23 PM
A few folks have asked me about the modified
seat rails I installed in Crypty. So here's
a short how I did it:

I am 5'-9" height and the Mrs is 5'-3".
I had to strain and stretch my neck for my eyeballs
to clear the steering wheel. Plus my knees got cramped
from being so close to the steering wheel.

I fabricated a 1" height spacer from extruded C-channel.
The spacer is also two inches longer than the standard
Triumph seat rails. So I now sit 1" higher and see over
the steering wheel and 2 inches further back. The Mrs
can now see over the dash.

I purchased two standard TRF seat rail hardware kits and
used them to install my 1" height spacer.

I then purchased larger steel washers and stubby 3/8"
bolts and nuts. I used these to install my original
seat rails into my spacer.

Some will point out my aluminum spacer is not as strong
as steel. I counter that my seat belt is probably what
will keep me safe. The seat rail original ain't all that
strong to begin with.

The spacer made my drives more pleasurable. Particularly
when the Mrs was able to see out of the car.

EDIT- Yes the seat still slides forward and backward.


09-16-2008, 04:36 PM
My 4A came with GT6 MKI seats (very low) and the PO adapted them to the 4A floor using exactly the same channel. Well, mine were plain aluminum, not red. But nearly the same. They worked great.