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09-05-2008, 02:14 PM
Just an update about Hagerty and their customer service. I could not be more satisfied with them and the way that they have treated me in this matter. They are in constant contact, my rep (Stacy), is very professional and considerate and they truly do go out of their way to make things right.

I am REALLY glad that I made the switch from a common carrier to Hagerty Classic Insurance.

All of the sheet metal arrived today. Only one slight ding that we can see so far that is easily repaired. I have everything that we need to start and the shop is ready for my car on Monday morning.

09-05-2008, 02:15 PM
Woo Hoo!!!!

Now a quick question, what was the price difference between the "common carrier" and Hagerty?

09-05-2008, 02:24 PM
Hagerty was $300 less per year for quadruple the amount of coverage and towing for ALL of my vehicles.

You all owe it to yourselves to take a look at them.

09-05-2008, 04:42 PM
Years ago, I had my TR3 covered by American Collector's. I never had a claim, so I don't know how they treat their clients. The car has been off the road while doing the restoration, but it's almost done and I'll again need insurance. Brosky, your experience with Hagerty is definetly pushing me toward them as the next insurer for my TR3. I'm glad things are getting sorted out for you. It's bad enough dealing with the bent sheet metal. The last thing you need is a fight with the insurance company.

09-05-2008, 05:03 PM
Hi Folks,

I`ve been covered by "Condon & Skelley" out of Maple Shade, NJ. I was hit in a parking lot (Post Office) by an elderly woman. My `66 TR4A door was pushed in pretty good.

The "local" rep came to see the car within 2 days. He did his homework! He said there was not a replacement door or skin to be found. He did check with the majors; Moss, TRF etc. I, In the meantime, had purchased a used door via one of these sites for $100.00.

Long Story Short: He found a scratch on the bumper (Replaced it) & a bunch of other little things that could have been a cause of the accident. They sent me a check within a wk. for $7K+:

Needless to say it took care of everything and left me with over $3K to play with.

Of course; I told them I was making a "U-Turn" in the Post Office parking lot; Otherwise it would not have been considered a "Pleasure Trip" (Fine Print).

I have never checked Haggerty but this is just another option.

Best Wishes,


09-05-2008, 05:21 PM

T think that the major players in the collector game are fine, but to insure a collectible with regular insurance is a waste of premium money and probably a major hassle if you have a claim.

09-05-2008, 05:41 PM
Of course; I told them I was making a "U-Turn" in the Post Office parking lot; Otherwise it would not have been considered a "Pleasure Trip" (Fine Print).

Would the insurance not have covered the incident if you were running errands?

Just curious... I'm still many years away from buying proper insurance for the many individual parts that will eventually make a fine TR4A!

66 TR4A

09-05-2008, 06:05 PM
I've shopped Collector insurance for years and can never find one that lets you drive your car the way I drive mine i.e. park it at the golf course for 5 hours or at the mall or the grocery store. I've called a bunch of them and they all say no. I understand the reasoning that if you're driving your classic as a daily driver, then you can't have it both ways. I'd love to have "agreed to value" as part of my coverage but none of the "common carriers" will do that. For about 30 years now I've had an umbrella policy for house & cars with AMICA which is consistently the top rated insurance company and anytime I've had a claim they've been there, no questions asked and no hassle. The auto body shops love them too because they know that AMICA lets them do the job right and to the customer's satisfaction. Bottom line, they told me to keep records of all the work/improvements I do to the car and take lots of pictures. Then we'd shop the going value of existing cars being sold and compare them to mine. I hope it never comes to that! I'm glad to hear that Haggerty is treating you right. That's great news.

09-05-2008, 06:57 PM

As I said before, my website saved me and yours will save you. Not that everyone needs one, but multiple digital views of every parts of the car is cheap insurance for a pay back if there is a problem.

I think that you will find that the companies are more liberal now than in the past with mileage and travel and parking. At least I think that Hagerty is. They know that we want to enjoy these cars a bit more than to and from a show.

09-05-2008, 07:31 PM
Bob, my wife and I had AMICA for almost 28 years. Three years ago my wife had two accidents, one of them quite serious. After the second accident they sent us a letter telling us that in the future they would only offer us liability insurance (at the State required minimum level) and that our rates would be literally four times what we had been paying for combined collision, comprehensive, and liability insurance. It was their way of saying "we're dropping you after 28 years... but we want you to leave us first". Prior to that event, like you, I only had nice experiences with AMICA. They can be a good company but insurance companies are in the business of making money.

After my wife's accidents, our daily drivers moved over to Progressive. The GT6 went on that policy as well as we seldom drive it. The Mini went to Hagerty. I was concerned about the "use terms" as mentioned above. The rep I spoke with specifically said that the occasional "pleasure drive" was acceptable. That's not to say they would accept the use of our cars to run errands or such, but I did interpret the explanation as an understanding that our cars would be driven more than just to shows.

09-05-2008, 07:39 PM
AMICA were such a pita when we moved it wasn't funny. As soon as we tried to combine house and car insurance and add an umbrella policy it turned into a total farce. (We had AMICA for the house only).

No claims on anything, no tickets, plenty of driving experience, new cars, nothing that should have been an issue. Coverage was the same as we had currently, for both residential and automotive. The old cars are on Hagerty, so weren't even considered.

We dropped them for just that reason. The person who called me from them and then started swearing at me down the phone didn't give me the warm and fuzzies either...

09-05-2008, 07:54 PM
Aha! Congrats on your Golden award from TRF!

09-05-2008, 08:56 PM
Hi Mike,

You are correct!!

Most (At least the one I have - "Condon & Skelley" - will only insure for what they consider "Pleasure Driving".

Some examples are: Going to a car show. Going to get your car serviced. Casual drive (Could be across the country) but typ. limited to 2500mi. per yr.

Typ. not covered: Going to get milk. Going to work. Going to the Post Office etc etc.

Their all different. You need to read the fine print.

There`s a reason why my `66TR4A coverage costs $130.00 per yr. for full comprehensive & collision.

Regards, Russ

09-05-2008, 09:40 PM
Pretty much echo the un-fuzzies on Amica. They used to be an exceptional company and you almost felt lucky when they would take you on. I've had them for 25years,most recently for house,two boats and two cars. I moved the 540i with the "new" Tr6 to Hagerty for less than 1/2 of what the car alone cost as a second vehichle with me as the only driver( I promise not to drive both cars at once so why do you charge me as if they both are going at all times?)
I have looked at other companies for my primary vehichle ,house etc but have not been impressed so far,but Hagerty was a no brainer for the two toys.I was concerned when I had to estimate the annual mileage and tried to get clarification. They do not set limits and do not ask odometer on renewals( they claim) but just want to be sure it is a hobby car if you will and not a back up primary.
Glad your experience is positive so far Paul and still have hope of getting out with you for some Fall driving. Found a fabulous stretch of road down by Arcadia today and 102 between 3 and 4 was quite enjoyable as well.

09-05-2008, 09:59 PM
Yes, there are some great roads here. We need to do the Valley of Sin Run with the CCBCC from Westport, MA down through Adamsville and Sakonnet, RI.

That is when I have a sports car back. No fun in a Taurus.

09-06-2008, 11:35 AM
The REAL difference between collector insurance and regular carriers is the difference between "stated value" and "agreed value" I have worked for the dark side on this one.If they can prove you over stated the value,they will pay you less for your car.
I use Hagerty......
MD(mad dog)

09-06-2008, 11:48 AM
That is why I have said that everyone should have as many pictures of their cars as possible.

By having those, I stopped all potential disputes about pre-accident condition and the stated value/agreed value was determined by Hagerty's appraisers to be well within my comfort zone.

09-06-2008, 01:07 PM
Aha! Congrats on your Golden award from TRF!

No fair Paul. Bad timing or good timing.
Or did you have the wreck just to win the prize?? :devilgrin:

09-06-2008, 01:15 PM
WOW.... are talking about the same AMICA? The insurance company that pays you a dividend check (about 20-25% of your premium) every year? I've had 2 speeding tickets....no rate increase. Rear ended at a stop light - $13,000 in damage, side swiped in a parking lot - $7000 in damage, my wife removed the passenger side mirrors backing out of the garage $2000 in damage, Son let unlicensed friend drive the Subaru...into a parked Camaro, bike stolen out of garage, busted washer hose floods basement... there was never a problem collecting and I never saw a rate increase tied to any claim. This has all happened over the past 30+ years.

09-06-2008, 02:48 PM

I hope no one from Amica's underwriting team is reading this thread.


I really wanted to give Charles a nice high number to write about.

09-06-2008, 04:55 PM
Insurance is regulated state by state so everyone's results may differ. I had AMICA 40 years ago and changed simply because their rates kept increasing (no claims or tickets, just their rates). They have an A+ rating according to A.M. Best, a global insurance rater.

I also have Hagerty on my TR. I sent 5 photos, the amount I wanted to have the 3A insured for and they accepted the value I stated. Simple as that. Their requirement is that all classic and collectible cars are insured with them. I pay around $140 per year for full coverage.

Glad to here that they really pay when there's an incident.

09-06-2008, 08:10 PM
I've had Hagertys agreed value $8000.00 on my restored 80 Spit 1500 for years now & after they saw my uploaded photos & voluntarily agreed IT WAS worth there assesment of $8000.00.,for $105.00 dollars a year ya can't beat that.They agreed on limited pleasure weekends,parades,to & from maintience service,& shows.Thats how i drive it.Sunny clear days & garaged.I have Allstate road service(A promotional $52.00 per year & AAA $59.00 per year ALL family vehicles)So i didn't buy Hagertys road towing.Hagertys the ONE.At one time they agreed on a value of $10,500.00 but i went to a more conservative yearly lower premium to save a little bread.
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