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09-02-2008, 07:50 PM
A follow up note on what I have found out and resolved on my lean carb issue.

I modified my carbs by moving the jet down in the carb body. I moved it from .80 inch below the bridge to .120 below the bridge. I did this with a tool I ran up on the lathe and my hydraulic press.

After installing a set of new needles, properly marked, the carbs continued to run very lean. This was verified by using a home made AFM as outlined in the Buckeye article on this device.

Consultation with a more experienced mechanic, indicated that all needles are not equal, and additionally, another information source, this one from a carb rebuilder indicated the same thing.

It was even pointed out that needles with a white poly washer at the top of the needle, were not good needles, they are larger in diameter than good needles, the good needle can be identified by a grey or charcoal colored poly washer. Looking at the 2 sets of needles under a magnifying glass you could see a difference. As I was trying to get ready for a run to the ABFM in Portland, I did not have the time to mic out the two sets of needles.

Once the right needles were installed, the carb was much more adjustable, the AFM displayed showed a better all round mixture, closely matching the write up in the Buckeye article.
The mpg has improved to above 20 mpg combined hiway and around town without the overdrive. Still getting final data on that. i also think I could lean the setting as it was set to the rich side.

Things are much better and we had a great time at the ABFM in Portland and a successful 300 mile round trip drive. We even came back north using a forest service hiway on the backside of Mount Saint Helens. Awesome.

Did have some issues with a distributor cap, but that's another story.

You can PM me if you want specific names of sources and vendors.

09-02-2008, 08:01 PM
Mark- Did you go to the ABFM?