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Simon TR4a
06-04-2004, 03:45 PM
A guy I know from Solo 1, Richard Patterson, is entering the Targa Newfoundland this year in a Mini of very impressive specification, you guys would love it!
I went over to look at it in his garage last night in Newmarket. It is based on an early sliding windows shell, and uses 10 inch Minilites with A008 tyres. The 1275 block has an Arden 8 port aluminium head with Jenvey throttle bodies and some sort of management system. They use 2 tanks (Cooper S style) one with premium, the other race gas, and plug in a laptop to a port below the dash to change the algoriths for timing and fuel injection to suit, ie on transits use pump gas, on stages race gas.
There are 2 brake master cylinders on a bracket by the engine block with a bias bar behind. Looking inside I saw a massive gear lever for the Jack Knight box, apparently a new 6 speed I had never heard of!
When I was there the rear sub frame was being removed to allow for the installation of the rear diff. REAR DIFF!! This will be from a Subaru Justy, with some form of beam axle or de Dion.
Weirdly, all this has not made the car look like a Frankenstein, 150 bhp, and it looks like Granny's 850!
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06-04-2004, 10:43 PM
Great to hear.........I follow it closely and watch it all the while looking for a sponsor for my Rover or if i hit the lottery........I,m sure he will have a good chance to do well if he can drive it........The rules favour the older cars a little.......Love to see him blow the doors off a new Mustang, Subaru etc...I wish him all the best and i,ll look out for him

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Mark Jones
06-08-2004, 03:39 PM
Sounds like a great Targa car. I was over to the race last year and had a great time watching the different stages in and around Gander; I hope to go back again this year. Shear horsepower isn't the key to the NFLD Targa; road holding ability is more important I believe and the Mini has that in spades.