View Full Version : TR2/3/3A TR3 DGV Choke Cable

07-03-2008, 06:44 PM
Another question-

I'm installing twin Weber DGV's in place of the SU's on the TR3. The question is is if anyone knows a suitable choke cable replacement. I need a cable that can control two manual chokes at once; I've seen the cables for a TR6 and think this is the way to go, but I'd like a stock look on the knob and am wondering if a TR3 knob will fit a TR6 cable?


Russ Austin
07-03-2008, 10:40 PM
I had DGV's on my 3 for 3 or 4 years then went back to SU's If I remember correctly I bought a bicycle brake cable and put my regular choke cable pull knob on it. I wish I had a better picture of both DGV's.


07-04-2008, 08:08 AM
"Oh, I see" says the blind man to his deaf dog....Let me get this straight, you didn't need a choke cable with two cables...Just one cable that was hooked in tandem to each carb?