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06-12-2008, 12:25 PM
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Hi All,

Word is slowly leaking out about our little secret project ...

The Chicago Sun Times article can be viewed online here:

Chicago Sun Times TTA Article (https://searchchicago.suntimes.com/autos/news/998301,AM061108_triumph.article) https://searchchicago.suntimes.com/autos/news/998301,AM061108_triumph.article

It also appears in today's Lake County News-Sun, The
Beacon News, Pioneer Press, The Courier News, The
Herald News, and Southtown Star.

Whooo HOOOO!!

Thank you Andy Mikonis for the article!!

06-13-2008, 04:48 PM
(An open letter to the Triumph lists and Forums)

Hello Andy Mikonis,

My name is Glenn Merrell, I am the North American Coordinator for the Triumph Trans American (TTA) 2009 Charity Drive with John Macartney.

Thank you very much for the article in the Chicago papers. We need and appreciate all the publicity we can get.

I note a few errors that I am hoping you can get corrected in a timely printed follow up article. As such, I have copied this email to the Triumph email lists for their immediate awareness and to keep the FBI from showing up on my front doorstep!!

First and very important, Phil "the factor" Fox did not donate the Stag, we - the TTA Restoration Supporters - purchased it as a group of benefactors, from Phil for $3300 cash USD. We have copies of the check. Yes, it was Joe Pawlak, President of the Triumph Stag Club USA and ISOA member who finally sourced this car and who is generously and actively coordinating its full concours restoration, but there is much more to this epic story.

The reason that this is a correction of utmost importance is because over 54 people across USA and Canada (with more donating every week) have contributed donations to buy and restore this car. It is the enthusiasm, dedication and generosity of these Triumph enthusiasts that made this purchase possible in the first place, and they are owed a great debt of thanks. When they read in this article Phil Fox "donated" the car when it has in fact been purchased using their generous donations, well this could be seen as Felony Fraud.

As the story goes - that back in January 2008, I was asking the various Triumph email lists and forums for someone to step up and donate a Stag for restoration. We had about 6-8 offers of cars that were in quite bad shape. Then David "Oliver" Northrup of Red River Triumph Club in Texas answered my request with a challenge: He proposed to the lists: "Why don't we, on the Triumph lists buy this car for the drive? I'll put up the first $100, who will be the other 32?."
Well within 8 hours there was about $1200 pledged and after 24 hours there was over $4000 pledged. Within 72 hours there was over $5600 pledged. So we used that money to buy the car, a full set of parts to convert the BW35 automatic to a 4 speed w/ J type OD, new SuperFlex Bushes, etc. It is this great group of enthusiasts and benefactors who were responsible for giving this event a much needed jump start.

There are a few other statements I would like to see clarified to give credit where credit is due, not to mention just to keep our promotion and stories straight until we can come out with an official press release. Of course, without a doubt, all the credit for this restoration sits squarely with the great volunteers of the Illinois Sports Owners Association many of which are also Triumph Stag Club USA members, investing the thousands of hours to restore this car for this drive.

If you have any questions and would like to print a follow up article with corrections real soon, please call me at your convenience. I have all the facts, figures, proposed time lines, etc.. My contact info is on the TTA Web site, or, you may call me direct at 303.665.6040 in Colorado.

I look forward to talking with you towards a follow up article very soon, and thank you again for this great publicity opportunity for such a worthy cause and epic event.