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01-29-2004, 10:46 AM
I am restoring the sliding window side curtain windows for my Bugeye, and have a few questions. I am hoping some of you have done this operation.

1) The frames have a wider flat side, and a smaller channel side. I think the wider side faces out, but I'm just not sure. Which side faces in and which side faces out?

2) Which window is installed exterior to the other one? Does the half with the rounded corner (the rear section) sit on the inside or outside of the other section? It seems like the forward section (the piece with two sharp points) should be on the outside in order to keep rain and wind out when in forward motion. Is that correct?

3) Is it important to install one of the window sections before the other one? Perhaps the answer to #2 above will tell me this, since the outer piece would need to go in first (since the windows need to be installed from the inner side of the frames).

4) The little acrylic tabs used to push and pull the windows open came seperate from the windows. Both appear to be acrylic. Any suggestions on a good transparent glue to use to attach them to the window?

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01-29-2004, 01:02 PM
The wide side of the channels goes towards the inside of the car. The rear panel (with the rounded corner) goes on the inner track and then the front panel outermost. You can use superglue to attach the finger pulls to the panels. Just be careful and place them exactly where you want them and press them in place without moving them. Some of the early side curtain had only the rear panel that moved and the front panel had a crimp in the channel that holds it to keep it from moving rearward. Later sidecurtains had both panels moveable. If yours has the crimp on the window channel you will have to remove it (bend it out)in order to get the front panel in place.