View Full Version : First Time Trial Pocono

05-04-2008, 09:41 AM
Well I particpated in my first Tim Trial at Pocono South yesterday. Had a great time, All the way up til I spun a rod bearing in the third set. Think I pushed it a bit too far and I kept missing the shift light on the long stretch. (It's not far enough in front of me with the helmet on.) Think Im going to out it back together and wire in an rpm limiter til I get used to it.)

heres some pics. Last one was me getting black flagged for spilling fuel. Had to re-route my vent tube, it was throwing fuel in left turns.

05-05-2008, 06:35 AM
Yeah, I've had fuel spill issues in the past. Make sure the vent is quite a bit higher than the filler (mine exits throught the top of the left rear fender now...no more spills).

Really too bad about the spun rod bearing (if that's what it is). I spun one two years ago due to a really close race with an old 4 cylinder Mustang. As long as I could wind up to 6500, I could keep up with him. Bad idea. My crank was not salvageable. I got a replacement at:

Storm Crankshaft Grinding and Welding Company,
511 Homestead Ave., Mount Vernon NY 10550, United States
(914)664-3563, (914)668-1574 fax, (no website)

I forget the price at Storm...maybe about $425 or so, but it came with bearings.

I set my shift light at 5800 and tend to "short shift" as much as I can (mostly around 5500)....that's the only way to keep a standard 1500 alive. Every now and again you see a Spitfire/Midget 1500 engine cheap on ebay or craiglist....I'll keep my eyes out looking.

Glad you have a good time...sorry it got cut short.