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05-01-2008, 01:03 PM
Just wanted to post a tip I haven't seen elsewhere -- it might help someone.

Having purchased the smallest Chinese arbor press at the Chinese Tools Store (1-ton, or so they say), I think I should have gotten a bigger one. So far I've used it to press out and replace lower A-arm bushings, rocker arm bushings and the peg in the steering rocker arm. That one I just rotated -- didn't replace. Pressing things in has posed no problem. Getting things apart has. Here's the tip. When you've got everything set up and you are applying pressure and you are using a 4-foot piece of galvanized pipe as an extension on the press handle -- and things STILL aren't coming apart -- have your "apprentice" rap on top of the ram with a MFH. The vibrations set up by this technique seem to be useful in getting stubborn old parts to part ways.

By the way -- that press is just too dang lightweight to do the wrist pin bushings in the con-rod. I had to farm those out.

05-01-2008, 03:43 PM
Great tip on using the arbor press. I've had to resort to that technique many times at work. And you are right, 1 ton is OK for small stuff, but if I got one for the garage I'd probably opt for at least a 2 ton...3 ton would be better. Oh, and one with a ratchet handle. :yesnod: It's just that they are so bloody expensive.