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04-06-2004, 01:40 PM
Get your googles, dust off the race (street) car, order new gum balls, install new pucks, (maybe get some rain tires), we're going racing again!

Muscle Car Mania chaired by our Tiger owner John Lorenzo and our Pantera owner Jeff Garvin. That means special invites go to you muscle car fans - Camaros, Javalins, Mustangs, AMXs, V8 powered Healys, V8 powered anythings, Vettes (we had a Z06 lapping at 4 seconds slower than a full race car last weekend!).

Note!!!!! We always have a lapping group for non race cars. Safely drive your beast at comfortable speeds. Very limited and safe passing
on the front and back straight only. Full racers are welcome of course. We also want the old street cars too. Any Z-28's out there?

SWMS hosts a drivers school, lapping, and race event May 16, 2004. Drivers school for new drivers and those needing a little polish. Learn the line for Sandia's 14 turn 1.6 mile road course. Lappers are welcome in the classes too!

Visit our web site for more details!
Southwest Motorsports Race Club, Albuquerque (https://www.swms.org)

05-01-2004, 12:04 PM
SWMS worked a booth at the recent Albuquerque International Auto Show. Visitor response was enthusiastic. New members, workers, students, and drivers are expected.

If you plan and want to work or run this next event, please let us know beforehand. We expect this to be the largest club event yet. As such, advance sign ups for workers and drivers will assure a smoothly run event.

ATTN drivers! There will be a $500 value prize for one lucky driver. Driver must be at morning driver meeting and award will be given at end of day party. Award is a secret but they promise the winning driver will be pleased.

Remote Radio Broadcast from 11 to 1 the 16th. This event will get more press than any earlier SWMS race. Primary sponsor is Rich Ford. Remote radio show should generate much interest. Mention of event will be made on other radio shows prior to event.

CAR SHOW too! Don't want to drive your muscle wheels on track? You are invited to bring it to the track and show it off to the other car enthusiasts. Rich will show a couple Saleen Mustangs. Other FOMOCO muscle cars will surround the Saleens. Other show and race cars will be thru-out the pit area.

Cost of lunch about $6 paid at gate in early AM. Need to be there early to get your lunch ticket. Count is needed for quantities!

Enties limited to 150 cars. Register early! Lunch time lapping also available but you must register early and get light tech. Lunch time lapping limited to 40 cars maximum!!!

Let us know if you're working or driving. See you at Sandia Spring Fling!

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