View Full Version : Mini/MINI "Coming Out Of Hibernation" Party in Mini-Sota

04-02-2004, 09:44 AM
Our Next Meeting.....will be a BIGGIE! It's our 5th Annual Spring "Coming Out Of Hibernation And Bring Your Mini/MINI To The Meeting" & Swap Shop. Al Tyszelman has been our genial and generous host for this meeting every year, and he'd like to have a picture of as many Minis as possible in front of his shop, so let's dust off and shine up our Minis/MINIs and drive them down to Al's place........As usual, bring a few $$$$ for Pizza.

Saturday, April 24th, '02 from 1 to 4 pm at Al Tyszelman's A&T Upholstery, 5615 Hwy. 169, in Plymouth, MN (Phone: 763-541-1968). The shop is on the West side of Hwy. 169, between 49th and Bass Lake Rd....in front of Walser Chevrolet and Superior Ford.

If you have any Mini/MINI or automotive items you'd like to swap or sell, bring 'em along. Please bring your own table, and please have the items price marked.