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03-08-2004, 02:57 AM
Any road racers in the New Mexico area? SWMS hosts drivers schools, road races, and lapping groups/events at Sandia Motorpark in Albuquerque. Street cars are even invited and welcome.

The Sandia track is a 1.6 mile road course with 14 turns (quite tight or technical). Top speed for fast race cars is about 120+. There are some intimidating cement walls which are seldom touched. Our events are safely run, contact is discouraged, corners are manned, cars are teched, and help/instruction is always available.

Schedule as follows:
March 13, 2004 - Crash & Burn Worker school 9-4.
April 3-4 - 2 day school, race, lapping event. This is a Mazda Special Event
May - 1 day school, race, lapping event.
September - school, race, lapping event.
October - school, race, lapping event. Hot Air Historics (balloon fest weekend).
Web site - https://www.swms.org for details.

Post or email me any questions. We always need participants! Permanent grins almost guaranteed!

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04-06-2004, 01:26 PM
You missed quite a weekend April 3-4, 2004.
1. Wettest day in Albuquerque since 1893 - 2.29 inches of rain Friday PM to Saturday PM. Note, ABQ gets about 8 inches a year!
2. We just thought Racing SW.com Feb. 29, 2004 was cold. Saturday, we had about an inch of hail in about 2 minutes.
3. So much H2O that we had to run the South half of Sandia because there was standing water across the entire track in a spot or two on the North end.
4. Sunday was a bit drier but 30 mph winds from the East, misting rain much of the day.

In spite of that, about 40 drivers had a blast, about 15 outdoor workers endured in spite of the inclement weather. Just have to love NM weather!