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12-18-2003, 08:50 AM
Not soo soon to start planning!
Here are the race events I plan to attend in 2004...if you can get to any of these, look me up (or look for green Spridget #11).
Note: Your ordinary "daily driver" (Camry, Taurus or whatever) is welcome at EMRA Time Trail events....bring your helmet and get some track time at a real race track! (street convertibles must have roll bars).
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Susquehanna Valley Vintage Sports Car Club


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EMRA Events-2004

Wednesday, March 24: Lime Rock: Open Practice
Friday, April 23: Shenandoah: Open Practice and Time Trials
Saturday, April 24: Shenandoah: Sprint Races and 1 Hour Enduro
Sunday, April 25: Shenandoah: Sprint Races
Saturday, May 8th: Pocono South: Sprint Races
Sunday, May 9th: Pocono South: Time Trials
Saturday June 12: BeaveRun: Sprint Races and 1 Hour Enduro
Sunday, June 13: BeaveRun Sprint Races
Thursday, July 1: Pocono North: Time Trials
Tuesday, August 10: Pocono East: Time Trials plus Open Wheel Sprint Races
Saturday, September 11: Pocono North: Sprint Races Plus 2 Hour Enduro
Sunday, September 12: Pocono North: Time Trials
Friday, October 22: Watkins Glen: Sprint Races
Saturday, October 23: Watkins Glen: Sprint Races Plus 3 Hour Enduro
Sunday, October 24: Watkins Glen: Time Trials
Friday, October 29: Lime Rock Park: Time Trials
Saturday, October 30: Lime Rock Park: Sprint Races Plus 1 Hour Enduro
Saturday, November 20: Summit Point: Sprint Races Plus 4 Hour Enduro
Sunday, November 21: Summit Point: Sprint Races

We also have plans for Race Licensing Schools as follows:

Saturday, April 24 Shenandoah
Saturday, May 8 Pocono South
Friday, October 22 Watkins Glen
Sunday, November 21 Summit Point

In total, EMRA will have 11 sprint races (12 for open wheel cars), 8 time trials, and 6 enduro's.

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