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07-19-2003, 07:59 PM
Lots of advance notice here...

On September 14th of this year there is a huge all-British car show close to Toronto, on an average year now there are well over 1,000 British cars there with a nice variety of cars - usually around 75 Mini's, 40 or more British saloons (I'm told a rare sight down in the States), lots of old and new Rolls-Royce's, Jaguar's, etc...., plus lots more of all the usual Triumph's, MG's and Austin-Healey's.

This is one show that is well worth the effort to make it to, the show is in Oakville, Ontario, easily accessible from many parts of the northeastern States and Indiana/Michigan, actually quite a few American licence plates are seen at the show in recent years.

For more information check out the host club - https://www.torontotriumph.com - there should be more information there.

08-14-2003, 01:39 PM
Plug time again...

CORRECTION - new date this year appears to be September 21st (according to their website), they moved to a different weekend this year...

Anyway on with the rest of the message:

IMHO this may be one of the best British car shows in North America, certainly in numbers (well over 1,000 cars) but also there are usually a wide variety of British cars, there are a fair number of British cars that were not available in the States but only in Canada, for Mini lovers there are typically at least 60 examples at the show.

Last year there was a Triumph Italia coupe, there is usually a guy there with his Triumph-based 1959 Peerless GT (not the 1930's American make!), Blair Harber usually shows off some of his unique Austin-Healey's (prototype model, one of the AHX plated cars; and also now owns the first one ever factory produced), and to top it all off... a fellow club member is usually there with his 1950 Riley RMD drophead coupe (beautiful car!).

Anyway, be there or be square... And there are usually lots of Americans who come up with their cars, makes a great weekend trip. Full details on the first post of this thread. And it will also be my last British Car Day show while living here in Ontario, so maybe run into some of you at the show.

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