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Mark Noeltner
03-29-2003, 02:10 PM
The British Motor Club of Utah invites everyone in the area to drive to Jackson Hole and Yellowstone with us. Posting early due to time limits on the motel reservations. See our web page (https://www.britishmotorclub.org/) for updated info as the event nears, and for other events.

Memorial Day Weekend Tour, 2003: Jackson Wyoming here we come!

Make your own reservation at the Antler Inn before April 30, 2003. Call 307-733-2535 to reserve one of 25 rooms being held for the "British car club" (BMCU seemed too confusing at the time) at a special rate of $68.00 a night for the nights of May 24 and 25, 2003.

Saturday morning May 24 by 9:00 AM, be in the eastern most Hogle Zoo parking lot at the mouth of Emigration Canyon east of downtown Salt Lake City up Sunnyside Avenue. Be prepared to exchange cell phone numbers and receive maps as well as a quick refresher on the McEligot Rules. We will leave the zoo in two groups. Those who may wish to go faster on occasion than the more leisurely group will be allowed a 30 second lead up Emigration Canyon. Turning left on Hwy 65 will take us through East Canyon and Morgan to Mountain Green. We will proceed over the hill past Snow Basin to Huntsville probably for lunch. From there through Monte Christo on Hwy 39 to Woodruff and north on Hwy 16 to Hwy 30 through Laketown to Garden City. We will leave Garden City on Hwy 89 and go past Big Bear Lake through Montpelier and on to Jackson to the Antler Inn located one block from the center of town. After we have checked in, dinner Saturday night can be at Bubba's Bar BQ Restaurant for those who care to.

Sunday is open to do as you please. Jackson should have plenty to do during "Western Days" even if it is raining hard or snowing some. One hundred twenty miles each way will take those who wish to from Jackson to the Upper, Midway, and Lower Geyser Basins north of Old Faithful in the Firehole Lake Drive - Great Fountain Geyser and Fountain Paint Pot Area of Yellowstone. Craig Pass is 8,262 feet. The South Entrance to Yellowstone is 6,886 feet. Some short hikes get you to the various sights to see. It costs $10.00 or more nowadays per car to enter the park systems for the weekend.

Monday at a time to be determined, we return the way we came, weather permitting. Warm clothes, rain gear and good wiper blades recommended.

More info from Jon Hermance:

More Jackson Wyoming here we come!

Sunday in Jackson Wyoming is to be "unstructured", but maybe not completely.
If there is something particular you want to do that day in the Jackson Hole
area and you would consider coordinating the activity, please let Jon
Hermance know at 'jonathan_hermance@atk.com' or 801-583-5846. The intent is
to have some options for the day posted on a bulletin board in the lobby of
the Antler Inn soon after we check in Saturday night. The posting will
hopefully list some activities and starting times for Sunday Morning.

Jon and Susan Hermance in their MG TF will coordinate the geyser basins trip
north of Old Faithful mentioned in the announcement of the tour. Better buy
stuff in the morning for a picnic lunch if you go on this one. That round
trip may be as much as 240 miles over some 6,900 to 8,300 foot elevation
passes and maybe it won't. A Grand Tetons National Park guide, a white
water rafting fanatic, or a Grand Targhee Bar group leader are just some of
the possibilities looking for leadership candidates. Shopping in Jackson may
not actually need a leader.