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03-21-2003, 11:48 PM
Big All-British Events
Arizona, April 11-13: Brits on the Bridge
New Mexico, April 25-27: British Car Days
Tennessee, May 1-3: British V8 Convention
California, May 3-4: VARA British Extravaganza Sponsored by Moss Motors
New Jersey, May 3: Britfest Sponsored by Moss Motors
Illinois, May 23-25: Champagne British Car Festival
Colorado, June 6-8: Rallye Glenwood Springs
British Columbia, July 4-6: Rally in the Valley
Prince Edward Island, July 11-13: British Car Days Across the Bridge
Washington, July 26: All British Field Meet
Iowa, August 16-17: Heartland British Autofest

Austin-Healey Owners
April 4-6: Texas Healey Roundup, Texas
June 26-30: Conclave 2003, Virginia
July 31-August 3: Summit 03

Jaguar Owners
May 1-5: JCNA Challenge Championship, Arizona
June 6-8: A Day on the Village Green, Nevada

MG Owners
April 11-13: MGT GoF Mk XXXVII, South Florida
May 12-15: Sprite & Midget Sprite Spree 2003, Pennsylvania
June 4-8: MGT GoF Mk-74, Vermont
June 19-22: MGB MG2003, Missouri
July 10-13: MGC CBA Mk XXIII, West Virginia
July 14-18: MGA GT28, Oregon
July 21-25: MGT GoF West, California

Triumph Owners
April 24-27: VTR South Central, Texas
May 2-4: The Gathering, North Carolina
June 19-21: TRA 2003 Nationals, Indiana
August 8-10: All Triumph Drive-In, Oregon

03-22-2003, 12:11 AM
Hi Nial,

Very comprehensive list! I especially like the all-marque British car meets - usually lots of cars and lots of variety.

That said, another couple of Healey meets here in California are:

May 1 - 4 California Healey Week, Quail's Inn, San Marcos, CA, Austin Healey Association, gldab1@juno.com

July 7 - 11 Healey Rendezvous, Red Lion Inn, Eureka, CA, Austin-Healey Club USA, www.healey.org (https://www.healey.org)

And back to all-British events, later in the year, on October 5, the San Diego British Car Club Council and Home Town Buffet present San Diego British Car Day at Bonsall, CA, www.sandiegobritishcarday.org (https://www.sandiegobritishcarday.org)

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03-22-2003, 05:05 AM
I've added some Canadian shows to the BCF Events calendar - both from Alberta and Ontario.


I just simply went through my club newsletter and added the events listed into the BCF Events list, you don't have to be the organizer of the show to add the event.

Spread the word about British car gatherings this upcoming summer.

03-22-2003, 06:24 AM
Hi Sherlock,

I've added a couple of events to the events calendar. Thanks for pointing it out. It's a feature of the BCF I'd seen before, but didn't realize could be updated by anyone - I though Basil had done all the work!