View Full Version : Engine assembly questions - sealants, lubes, etc?

03-23-2008, 07:01 PM
Hey guys, I have this coming week to put a TR6 motor back together from a bare block, and after some searching here on the forum, still have some questions:

- Do you use any sealant on core plugs? If so, what's recommended?

- What types of sealants are recommended for which gaskets? Hylomar sounds good, but messy?

- The original oil gallery plugs (aka the set screws) are all in place and there was no leaking. I bought a set of new ones, but I wonder if it might just be better to leave the old ones in there?

- What types of lubricants should I use and where to avoid damage on start-up? I've read cam lube on cam, assembly lube on bearing surfaces and in oil pump, and engine oil everywhere else--sound about right?

Sorry if some of these are repeats--I found a lot of bits and pieces but nothing quite as definitive as I had hoped! I'm taking this week off work to finish the project and any advice would be very timely and perhaps save me some headache down the road! Thanks!