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08-03-2002, 07:58 AM
These are TimeTrial/Autocross events (from "Dales Times Trials Schedule")--note that there's an event scheduled at the new "BeaverRun" course in PA

August '02
8/02-8/04 [Fri-Sat]: Lime Rock (Empire): FCA
8/02-8/04 [Fri-Sun]: Mosport (Advanced Drivers Ed & Club Race): Upper Canada PCA
8/02-8/04 [Fri-Sun]: NHIS (Vintage Race): VSCCA
8/02-8/04 [Fri-Sun]: Watkins Glen: Riesentoter PCA
8/03-8/04 [Sat-Sun]: Carolina Motorsports Park: NASA VA
8/03-8/04 [Sat-Sun]: Michigan Speedway: TrackTime, Inc.
8/03-8/04 [Sat-Sun]:Summit Point (Jefferson Circuit): National Capital BMWCCA
8/05 [Mon]: Pocono South (Time Trials): CART Track Time
8/08-8/09 [Sat-Sun]: Road America (DE & Race): Viper Days
8/10-8/11 [Sat-Sun]: Pocono Long: Performance Drivers Assoc
8/11-8/12 [Sun/Noon-Mon]: NHIS (11th-DE, 12th-Time Trials): COM Sports Car Club
8/12-8/13 [Mon-Tue]:Summit Point (DE & Race): New Jersey BMWCCA
8/16-8/18 [Fri-Sun]: Watkins Glen: Northern New Jersey PCA
8/16 [Fri]: Summit Point (Friday At The Track): BSR
8/17-7/18 [Sat-Sun]: Cayuga (Canada): trackmasters
8/17 [Sat]: Mosport: (east & central) FCA
8/21-8/22 [Wed-Thu]: Watkins Glen: Boston BMWCCA
8/22 [Thu]: Mont Tremblant (east & central): FCA
8/22-8/23 [Thu-Fri]: Summit Point: Shattenbaum PCA
8/23-8/25 [Fri-Sun]: BeaveRun (DE & Race): Viper Days
8/23-8/24 [Fri-Sat]: Lime Rock: Connecticut Valley PCA
8/23 [Fri]: NHIS: White Mountain BMWCCA
8/23-8/25 [Fri-Sun]: Watkins Glen (Advanced only on 23rd): Metro PCA
8/23-8/25 [Fri-Sun]: VIR Full: Car Guys
8/24-8/25 [Sat-Sun]: Nelson Ledges: Allegheny PCA
8/24-8/25 [Sat-Sun]: Pocono North (Club Race): Northern New Jersey PCA (cancelled: track/date reclaimed by Pocono)
8/24-8/25 [Sat-Sun]: Shannonville: Upper Canada PCA
8/24-8/25 [Sat-Sun]: Summit Point (Drivers Ed & Time Trials): Potomac PCA
8/26-8/27 [Mon-Tue]: NHIS: North Country PCA
8/26-8/27 [Mon-Tue]: Watkins Glen: NE Region Audi Quattro Club
8/27-8/29 [Tue-Thu]: Road America: TrackTime, Inc.
8/29-8/30 [Thu-Fri]: Mont Tremblant: Rennsport PCA
8/30-9/02 [Fri-Mon]: Lime Rock (Vintage Race): SVRA & VSCCA
8/30-9/01 [Fri-Sun]: VIR (Club Race): Zone 2 PCA
8/30-9/01 [Fri-Sun]: Watkins Glen (Empire): FCA
8/31-9/01 [Sat-Sun]: Putnam Park: Ohio Valley PCA?
8/31-9/01 [Sat-Sun]: Putnam Park: TrackTime, Inc.?