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07-17-2002, 12:51 AM
My mom is running a non-profit organization to restore the Gulf Building in Odessa, TX. To that end they are hosting a swap meet at the building in Odessa the last weekend of July. If all goes well, it will become a yearly event. I am not privy to what will exactly be there, so I am not swearing to any british spares.

If you have some spares eating a hole in your garage, I can get you in contact with her, or go to www.mywesttexas.com (https://www.mywesttexas.com) for a story on the project.


graemlins/blush.gif To anyone that tried to show up for this event, I am awfully sorry. When I called my Mom this evening to see how it had gone, she told me it had been killed in the planning phase. Something about Odessa, TX in the heart of the Permiean Basin not being the best place in the world to hold an all day outdoor event. Go fig. There was talk of rescheduling to late Sept. But that would conflict with a long standing swapmeet in the area. They will still be having a nifty haunted house in Oct, so far as I know. I may be there myself.

Again, I am sorry.

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