View Full Version : Hersey Hill Climb Returns

03-30-2002, 06:19 PM
This is an east coast event in Hersey, Pa (yes, where they make the candy......the air smells *great* in Hersey).

The Hersey Hilclimb was a famous sports car event of the '50s and '60s. On April 19, 20 & 21 it starts again! The format is "vintage sports cars" Drivers are warned not to be too competitive...this is more or a performance demo than a race. Roll bar, dated harnesses, Snell 95 hat and Nomex required. More info at:


04-15-2002, 07:19 PM
Reminder......this is next weekend (first time in 31 years!). Apparently there'll be a car show as part of the event. A bunch of my friends are going......it's *killing* me that I can't go (I hope this doesn't end like the time I skipped Woodstock and said "I'll go next year!") graemlins/blush.gif