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01-29-2002, 12:16 AM
I'm looking for some ideas and help based on your experience...

I have volunteered to organize a British Car Show. I have some experience with that, but this one is to be a bit different. This one will be held in conjunction with a local Chamber of Commerce event that is designed to promote local businesses here in Tampa, Florida. Basically, the car show is supposed to be an additional attraction for people to come out and sample the local cuisine and hopefully boost local businesses. We have room for maybe 40-60 cars. Well, I'd like to do something a little bit outside of the norm. Here are some new ideas that I have in mind...

1. I was thinking of making it by invitation only, perhaps inviting the winners of each class from another local British car meet. This would guarantee that we get great cars, and it would make it rather prestigious just to be asked to enter your car -- an "invitational" British car meet!

2. There would be no registration fee. The trophies/plaques would be provided via sponsorship.

3. I was thinking of having "the public" do the voting instead of the entrants. This would make it a true "popular" choice. I think it would be interesting to see what the average non-car guy and gal like. British car owners voting for their cars has always seemed a bit, well, incestuous.

4. Instead of the usual classes organized by marque and model, I was thinking of organizing the classes by decade, something like:1949 and Earlier; 1950-59; 1960-69; 1970-1979; and 1980 and Later. Then we'd have five classes and five class winners, and a Best of Show.

I think it would be fun and interesting to do something different like this, and it also seems that the event has the potential to evolve into something prestigious and unique.

What are your thoughts? What problems can you forsee? What things could be improved? Please let me have your thoughts. Thanks in advance!

02-02-2002, 03:32 AM
With a "peoples choice" award, you'd have to have a separate class for RED cars graemlins/devilgrin.gif

04-04-2002, 08:21 PM
Most of your Ideas sound solid, car shows when properly organised will draw people. Might I suggest you try to have your group members attend local shows before your planed event to make selections of Classics you would like to invite...there are many cars that dont take best in class worthy of a looksee and it will gaurentee a full field. Be carefull making up classes...owners are notorios quibblers at times.