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01-18-2002, 09:27 PM
This years St. Louis Auto Show, (affiliated with the Detroit Auto Show, announcing all the 2002 model cars),has asked the Gateway Healey club to display about 6 to 8 Austin Healey's in commemoration of Austin Healey's 50th Anniversary. Normally this show is to display all the prototype new cars available. However, in the past they have selected various classic cars to be displayed alongside the newest cars. It is held at the St. Louis convention center and TWA dome! So, if you're planning on being near St. Louis January 29th to Feb 3rd, stop by the convention center and visit our booth. We're planning quite a display, including a TV showing the Austin Healey story as shown on the History Channel, as well as the 1999 AHCA Conclave that was held in St. Louis.
Johnny 59BN7 and 75MGB
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