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03-01-2008, 12:22 PM
While doing multiple projects, two of which dealt with the passenger door, I have created an issue I can't figure out which way to go with.
I had to go into work today, and will post some photo's later this afternoon, however I am in need of some basic ( I hope) information also.

I replaced the right lower hinge on the passenger door and installed new window tracks. While replacing the hinge, I braced the rear end of the door and only removed the lower hinge. Top hinge stayed in place.
After replacing the window tracks and closing the door with the window fully up, it now doesn't go behind the outer windscreen bulb seal, it wants to go out side it, or middle of it crushing it.
This lead me to believe the top of the window needed to go inboard (towards the center of the car). I used all the adjustments for the tracks and could not make a difference. As I worked with it, it also appears to contact the windscreen frame at the top upper corner of the door window to windscreen frame compressing the flange of the bulb seal more than the left side. To much in my opinion.

So I started to adjust the hinges to see if I could correct the situation. I have not been able to yet. I can make it worse, but not better without having the door fit funny. If I let the rear of the door down, the window goes into place when fully up, but the door does not align with the rest of the body.

The left door lower gap is currently about a 1/4 in from the rocker and is even. This aligns the top of the door well both front and rear with the adjoining cowl at the front and rear deck at the rear. But really aggravates the top of the door window to windscreen fit. There is no way to tilt the door window using the window tracks and winder mechanism to move the front top corner of the door window aft.

Car has everything installed but fenders, hood, and interior. It is on it's wheels. I have a hardtop sitting in place, but not bolted down tight.

Question. What baseline should I be working from or for in regards to door gaps. The fenders are off currently but available for test fitting.

Question. Is there a sequence that works best for fitting the door?

I have not messed with or moved the windscreen. However I think the right door window, although fitting(door window goes between outer and inner seal) when fully up is really to close to the windscreen at the top corner. I would not expect to seen the window compressing the outer bulb seal flange material over 3/4 of it's thickness.
I been working at this for several nights and got me flumoxed.

03-01-2008, 09:55 PM
Here is a link to some photos. I have description's on most of them even though some are not named.
I think the windscreen has always been mis adjusted and the right door and window worked when the old hinge let it sag. Now with the new hinge there isn't any sag.

How well do other car's windows fit to the windscreens at top and bottom? Are they even?

Door window fit (https://s225.photobucket.com/albums/dd50/Norton47/Door%20Window%20fit/)

03-02-2008, 09:48 AM
I do not think it is your door. You would notice a difference in seam alignments at the A and B posts from before the hinge exchange. If the door closes as it did before then spend your energy looking at the window as the problem. there is a thread currently on page 11 called "Window softop fitting". You might want to read it.

03-02-2008, 11:14 AM
The only thing you changed was one hinge and the window tracks. So if the door aligns after the hinge was replaced, it leaves only the window tracks, and that is where I would focus my attention. Do not adjust the windscreen.

If you suspect a problem with the new window tracks you may want to put the old ones back in to see if you can get a proper fit.

03-02-2008, 02:49 PM
I don't know if it will help or not but here's the link with pictures https://tr6.danielsonfamily.org/WindowChannel.htm from when I did my window channel replacement. It sounds as if you've got something messed up with your window tracks that's causing the windows to go up crooked. Start with the obvious...are the tracks bolted back in to the right door panel homes? This article https://www.sctoa.org/win-chan.htm might help too.

03-16-2008, 08:50 AM
I just want to take a minute and finish this thread in case someone searches on it.
I double checked the window tracks and one had it's brackets incorrectly located when compared to the hole pattern on the old track.
Reworked and installed and still have an interference problem.
I did not mess with the wind screen.
I took the car to a local Triumph shop and had them weld in the rockers for me. I just didn't have the time and tools and the price was reasonable.
I was talking to him about the interference and he pulled a tape measure from the top corner of the rear fender to the top corner of the windscreen frame and the right side was 1/4" different from the left.
So, the rocker repair was able to leave in the upper portion of the outer rocker, so that top rocker body line is still original metal and untouched. I reset the doors to align the bottom of the door and the front fender and the upper rear corner of the door to the rear fender and now both sides of course interfere with the windscreen.
I loosened the windscreen fasteners, along the dash, the two on each side that hold the brackets and the windscreen pin nuts and jacked it forward. While under tension I tightened the windscreen pin nuts and then all the rest. I now have a measurement of 26 3/8" on both sides, this was about 3/4" change, and the door windows meet the windscreen evenly on both sides. I have a front door gap of about a 1/4" top to bottom although it narrows a couple of tenths at the body line. The bottom of the door to the sill is .21" the length of it. I will post a photo later.
Unfortunately as you may have guessed the soft top no longer fits. Alas while making every thing else right, the top was make for everything wrong. It's much to tight and if you try to lock it down will pull the windscreen aft, and puts a huge stress on the material and the snap points where the top fastens to the rear deck. So it looks like a new top will have to be ordered. At least the doors close correctly with the windows up. The top while serviceable was hardly perfect anyway.