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03-09-2004, 05:02 AM
Anyone know the details of installing rear disks on the gato? I've been told a couple of methods but am uncertain of the details, makes, years, options, etc. This fairly hot 289 (350hp +/-) is really weak in the cooling and anchor system. Thanks for the help!

03-27-2004, 05:08 PM
There are quite a few ideas regarding rear discs.You can check (sunbeamalpine.org) under modifications and use the search feature.
As to cooling you need a Griffin rad,full fan shroud and an eccentric blade pattern cooling fan.You should be able to get the fan at your local speed shop.This will allow more space between the rad and fan as the blades are set back of the face.Somewhat close to the working parts but it flexes forward.This space is desirable in conjunction with the shroud.You also want to block the horn openings.You want little or no hot air recirculating out and back in through the rad.I"m running a 351 windsor so I do know what heat is all about.I have 85 louvers in the hood and functional vents to let hot air out.I can run on the highway almost cool and sometimes I'm sure the thermostat is working to keep the temperature at 165.
Rear discs are one more thing I want to do on the spirit of Lister.I'm running an 8 inch ford rear end so it won't be hard to do that.Lets see,The doors,grill and bumpers are still stock.
You can email me if you want more info about me and my car.You can go to Tigers United and read technical,performance tuning and read improving the tiger steering.The car can be seen at sunbeamalpine.org,feature articles.feb,2001.The spirit of lister
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03-29-2004, 03:21 PM
Thanks for the cooling ideas. On the to-do list is sealing the openings front of radiator to engine side of radiator. Already have a custom thicker core rad and oil cooling.

Friend here told me that some Jaguar disks are almost a bolt on fit. He has done probably 10 different Tigers. Fellow used to be an artist. Will get hime to coach me thru the steps to rear disks later this year (I hope). Will post details then.