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Joe Nix
12-21-2003, 09:21 PM
Sunbeam Alpine, 1964 with rare twin Zenith carbs, for the 'home' market, modified 1725 cc 1966 engine. Mine had wire wheels, a black viny top and of course not whitewalls. I did 'all sorts of work' in it, buying it from one of my sons when it turned out to be too much for a high school student.

Couple of pics of similar Alpines on my page for
cars I've owned (https://users.mo-net.com/nixit/auto.html)

We owned it about four years, short time for me for any car and sold it in 1981 to a family in Vancouver B.C. who restored Alpines.

I had 'moved up' to an Alpine after five Hillmans, the first, a '51 acquired in my 'starving student' days. I paid $75 for a '61 sedan and drove it 125k miles commuting into L.A.

This is my 'intro' post, now living in Southwest Mo with no Brit cars but do have a 'pet', a '78 Civic.

12-23-2003, 04:45 AM
Welcome Joe.
My first car was a '51 Hillman too.
Also, my next door neightbor has the same last name as you (and according to him, it's one of the most popular names in New Hamphsire, for some reason).
Anyway, hope you are able to find a Brit-car at some point.