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02-15-2008, 06:42 PM
Greetings All.

It has been brought to my attention that I have somehow bypassed the Stag lists and the various great LBC forums with update information on this drive!!

OOPS!! Well nobody is perfect, let alone myself. /bcforum/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/iagree.gif

Just in the event you have never heard of the
Triumph Trans AmeriCan 2009 Charity Drive where a Triumph Stag will be driven 10,000 miles across North America and then raffled for charity at Triumphest 2009, you need to go visit the web site at

So here is the latest:

On the other lists - Triumph - Spitfire - Wedge - 6Pack there had been some folks who were keeping an eye out for a suitable Stag to restore for the drive. Two "diamonds in the rough" were offered to the Drive, and we started looking over the photos and planning transportation.

Next, Illinois Sports Owners Association located a very nice complete rust free indoors stored Stag within their club, and another one was spotted off the VTR web site in Savannah Georgia.

One thing lead to another, and most folks know that I have been looking for a donation of the car, or, benefactor(s) to step up and purchase the car outright.

Well on 1 February, Triumph list member David "Oliver" Northrup of the Red River Triumph Club started a challenge to all the lists to raise the money and buy the Stag outright. Unfortunately, this challenge did not get to the Stag lists or forums. Well it is now!

Within 12 hours, the good folks of the other Triumph lists lists had pledged over $1600 to purchase and restore this Stag for the Drive, and within 24 hours there was over $3500 in pledges! WOW!!!

In order to preserve these pledges, the Board of the Red River Triumph Club agreed to set up an address and account to receive and track these pledges and when the Stag is finally selected by ISOA to begin the restoration, issue the check to ISOA to allow them to begin the car restoration.

At this moment, the pledges are at $5900 with over $3000 actually received. All donations will go into purchasing the Stag, the restoration parts and supplies that are not donated by suppliers. Any excess will be donated to the USA Charity "A Gift From Within"

So there you have it Folks, this car that will make this historic and epic drive with John Macartney behind the wheel is a STAG! A fully concours restored minimum 370 point Triumph STAG!! Our pride and joy cherished Flagship Triumph!!!!

Here is the information on the current donations as of this email:

Are YOU going to pledge, write a check and send it to Red River Triumph Club?

RRTC is tracking all the pledges and received donations. For every $100 donated to the restoration, you will receive a book of 10 raffle tickets from The Macartney Charitable Trust (once we get them printed with the proper charity information) for your chance of winning this restored Stag at Triumphest 2009 in San Luis Obipso California.

Pledge now, donate often!!

Please send donations to:
Red River Triumph Club
c/o Sumton Network Services, Inc.
3767 Forest Lane
Suite 124-335
Dallas, TX 75244-7100

Lets show the other Triumph lists enthusiast groups what BCF members are made of!

Now if you have a really BIG donation you wish to make from within the USA, that should be made directly to The Gift From Within at https://www.giftfromwithin.org/ so you can receive the appropriate tax slip. Make sure you note that this donation is for the Triumph Trans AmerinCan 2009 Charity Drive so we can get a proper tally to publicize in 2009 at Triumphest. We will send your raffle tickets when we receive a copy of your donation.

If you are outside the North America, please contact John Macartney on how you can help support the restoration of this Stag that will make this epic drive bu sending a donation, or purchasing raffle tickets for a fully restored 1500 Spitfire!
John's email is standardtriumph@btinternet.com


Glenn Merrell
TTA 2009 Stag Rebuild Coordinator
Triumphstag.net Administrator
TSC USA Chairman (2007-2009)

02-16-2008, 07:05 PM
Did I forget to mention meeting Paul Richardson when John Macartney and I visited Triumph Sports Six Club HQ??
Photo is in my photo section here...


Mickey Richaud
02-16-2008, 09:25 PM
Don't want to toot anyone's horns here (especially Glenn's /bcforum/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/jester.gif ), but this is an extremely worthy project, not only for the fact that it's a testament to the Little British Car, but also that it supports a fantastic cause, and I would hope that the British Car Forum will be a notable player. Let's get behind this!


02-17-2008, 06:00 PM
Thanks Mickey!

I am involved with this Charity Drive because I know first hand how PTSD affects the loved ones around us and society, and also how it is so often discounted completely as an ailment or "suck it up , get a hold of yourself" when that may not be possible.

PTSD is often misdiagnosed and seen as alcoholism, drug addiction, domestic or public violence, depression, moodiness, etc. where those may actually be symptoms of the problem and routes of escape.

There are treatments that work without drugs, but it takes a long time to get someone turned around and on the right path.

Anyway, thanks for reading this although it is not specifically "Triumph" related. It is an opportunity for our Triumphs to get a lot of exposure /bcforum/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/driving.gif in 2009 while benefiting a great cause.

I would hope everyone becomes interested, learn about PTSD, and becomes involved too!


Mickey Richaud
02-17-2008, 06:10 PM
Serving a military community as priest, I've come to know some of the folks affected by PTSD in ways not many people can. My older sister works with the Robert E. Mitchell Center


at the Navy Base in Pensacola, and has direct involvement with some of the folks who suffer from PTSD. This is a cause that has come closer to me than I ever would have dreamed. And now, to have the chance to mix this with Little British Cars... Who would have thought?

Suffice it to say, if there's any way for me to support this, I'm there!

02-21-2008, 10:29 PM
TRDOCTOR@aol.com wrote:
> Our Club met the other night and it was decided that we donate to cause for the purchase of the Stag. Were do we send the money (don't even think about it. I know who most of you are and I can find out where the rest of you live ;-)) and can you take PayPal?
> Sam and Carol Clark Green Country Triumphs TS45355L O
> CC82030U O
> Cell: 918-625-6798

Thank you Sam & Carol, and the Green Country Triumphs Membership.

No, we can not accept PayPal or credit cards as of yet. So best method is by check at this time. Besides, it creates a better traceable contribution.

I hope more clubs step up as Green Country Triumphs have to assist this effort.

Please visit the website setup by David "Oliver" Northrup of the Red River Triumph Club for the pledge and donation information at https://www.ranteer.com/misc2
and of course visit the Triumph Trans AmeriCan 2009 Charity Drive site at https://www.triumphtransamerica.org.uk/

I would like to remind those who have pledged, and those wishing to donate to please send in your donation to Red River Triumphs Club ASAP, as the decision has been made to purchase the very complete Stag in Illinois as soon as funds are available so restoration can begin immediately.

Thanks Again!!

Glenn Merrell
TTA 2009 Restoration Coordinator
TSN Admin
TSC USA Chairman (2007-2009)
President (2001-2007)
"The Best trophies are miles on the odometer, stone chips in the paint, and dead bugs on the windshield!"