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Bill Tubbs
03-30-2003, 12:49 AM
My SV last drove me around at the end of last summer and has been sitting in my driveway since then because of two things:

1) It suddenly decided not to start (a single 'click' and then nothing). Battery is checked out (simple things first) but I didn't have the time to start a component by component system check. Is there a standard "What order to begin analyzing the electrical system" checklist that I should use when I get back to the car?

2) The harmonic balancer is loose, so I got a replacement (and key) to get that done.

I was called to active duty and although I'm (fortunately) stationed only 2 hours from my house, there just isn't time for me to work on the car until all this is over. But when it is, I want to get my little red toy out on the road ASAP.

Any help on the basic steps to take on the electrical/starting troubleshooting?

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Bob Claffie
03-30-2003, 02:22 AM
Bare basics, clean the terminals and check the ground. If nothing happens ( and the battery is charged) jumper around the starter solenoid to prove it good or bad. Possibly jumper directly to the starter bypassing the solenoid and the ignition switch. It may not start but should turn over. If not rock the car in gear to make sure the starter isn't just jammed. All the above shouldn't take more than a half hour. Bob

03-31-2003, 10:44 AM
From the description of the symptoms, I would suggest that the starter solenoid is the culprit here. The test described above should tell you for sure. Good luck.