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02-10-2008, 09:36 PM
The fuel pump on my GT6 has two hose-to-male pipe threaded adapters. The male pipe threads screw into the pump body which means I can push on the connecting rubber(?) fuel lines and secure them with a clip. One of the hose-to-male pipe threaded adapters I have screws in nicely. The other, which seems to be a NPT thread will only catch on a thread or two. Iím guessing that the thread on the one that works well is some kind of UK spec. Anyone know what? Anyone know where to get one?

Seems like its going to be a 1/4" BSP thread, either parallel or taper. I can find these in with a 3/8" OD barb used in computer cooling systems, but these are not going to be up to the task. Ideas, etc., still welcome.



02-11-2008, 01:02 AM
Never had the problem on mine. You might check with the vendors and see if they carry a barb fitting. Remove fuel pump and see if threads are burred on the one side. If your fitting works on one side it should work on the other.

02-11-2008, 10:00 PM

The front pipe (part # 307471) originally was a continuous steel fuel line section that screwed to the fuel pipe outlet, went forward & turned around the front of the engine, then went back a bit & ended. At that point, a short piece of rubber fuel line was used to connect it to the double fuel line 'yoke' (part # 138386) which feeds the carbs.

It's common to find that the original front fuel line is gone now, having rusted away or been damaged. Bending fuel line is not easy, a replacement 307471 has not been available for some time, & some folks have run a rubber line in its path - not a good idea, especially if the support fails & the fuel line falls into the water pump pulley or something.

What with the unavailability of 307471, some folks have bent steel brake line to go there, as it will use the correct fittings. Externally & mechanically it works well, but the internal diameter is smaller & it reduces fuel supply to the engine. The solution really is to bend a new piece of fuel line & put the correct fittings on the ends.

Spitbits sells the ferrule (# 102729) & screw connectors (#60176) to go on the ends to attach to the fuel pump:
the ferrule & screw connector are shown as parts 13 & 14 next to the fuel pump in the lower right corner.

My suggestion is to get the connectors, & have a local 'speed shop' bend the replacement piece of fuel line for the front from their stock of steel fuel line. If it's just one pipe, it's not a skill you really need to acquire, & of course practice makes wreckage among other things.

The fuel line feeding the pump on all US GT6 Mk3's had an inline fuel filter shortly before the pump. A section of the fuel line was cut by the dealershp (probably per direction by Triumph) in the engine compartment between the fuel pump inlet & where the fuel line comes up under the firewall, & a simple, off-the shelf fuel filter was inserted there connected by short (1.5 inch or so) rubber lines on each end of the filter.

02-12-2008, 12:25 AM
Knowing that the fuel line termination was originally a ferrule/olive helps. I had assumed it was a double flare and had no hope of finding anyone locally with the skills/knowledge to make up a fitting.

Other than terminating short with rubber make up pieces either side of the fuel pump, my metal lines are basically sound and seem to be the right OD/ID rather than the brake line size referenced. I think I will get some new short lines bent up that will allow me to use ferrules/olives at the pump and use short rubber bridging pieces to connect to the existing lines.

I do have the filter ahead of the pump. Thereís not much room to get in and fiddle, so I will need to finesse the new pipe shape to get as good an alignment as possible.

Iíll report back on progress, or if I find any alternative solutions.

Thanks all for the input.