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10-10-2002, 09:20 AM
Here is a small up date on the lister tiger. It is about the picture posted by areocona.It was purchased by Darrel Mountjoy of Caifornia from Syd Silverman. He owned and campaigned it in vintage racing. I personally have known this car since 1989 which was the inspiration to build "The Spirit of Lister" Darrel has given old #9 a 8 month total restoration to put it back as it was in 1964 as it raced at Lemans.It was shipped to the UK for the Tigers International meet this month. It will also go to Lemans to compete with cars that previously competed in Lemans. The original driver Peter Proctor who drove it in 64 will share the driving during the feature Celebration race at Goodwood as well as Lemans.
Hopefuly I will get to see this car and again have mine standing next to real history. images/icons/cool.gif The sun still is shining

10-11-2002, 09:57 AM
That’s a cool story, Chuck. It’s great to see someone actually race these old cars (instead of letting them languish in a museum).

As I’ve said before, I really like this idea of a “Spirit of….”…..a replica of an important car. It allows normal mortals (like us) to have a neat car without breaking the bank (and it’s a lot better than all these fiberglass Cobra replica that the owners say are “real”). I’ve seen plenty of Minis set up like the Monte Carlo winner, a number of Triumphs in “Group 44” racing livery and lots of big Healeys & MGBs dressed up like the “works racers”…..I think these are great! Your “Spirit” follows the same idea and, of course, it’s a replica of a pretty rare bird ….so it’s especially interesting.

My Sprite and Midget aren’t finished to emulate any particular car (because there aren’t any real historically significant “box Spridgets”). However…….when I re-finished my ’41 Aeronca (which was a civilian plane, used for training during WW II), I painted it in “the spirit” of the pre-war Pearl Harbor Army Air Force (the first plane that was shot at during the Pearl Harbor attack was an Aeronca on a site-seeing flight…..they made it back safely with minor damage). This is it (with the MG):

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10-11-2002, 07:17 PM
That is a neat looking plane. I was once going to fly. Just as I stareted there was a whole bunch of crashes and deaths. Thats when I started to fly low. Bought a brand new 68 barracuda. I was into sunbeams before that though. Started in 62.