View Full Version : Tiger LAT 1 question

06-08-2002, 03:13 AM
O.K. So I've pieced together an F4B manifold, a Boss 302 carb spacer (for the pcv), and a Holley 1849 4bbl, all sitting in a box.

Do I just remove the old manifold and connections and bolt the new one on with correct gaskets, or do I have to do anything else before I upgrade the Tiger.



06-10-2002, 02:20 PM
The manifold itself should be a straight swap. You need to remove the distributor and the valve covers for clearance. Where you might run into problems is with fitting the carb and air cleaner since distances between things can vary slightly from car to car. You may find that you need a longer throttle cable, Sunbeam Specialties can help with that, and to remove the spacers between the engine and motor mounts if they're still there to gain the clearance to close the hood. It's possible you might need to also alter the v shaped stiffener that runs across the firewall to clear the back of the carb. As I said, the clearances can vary so what works easily in one car can require more work in another.
I found in replacing my manifold with a LAT3 there were no problems doing it while still in the car.