View Full Version : Need Help...Bolt thread/length Tilton

01-31-2008, 09:27 PM

Just as I am looking to put the new Tilton single plate clutch/disk to the new Tilton Alum/Steel flywheel I noticed that I don't have bolts to attach it.

The old clutch assembly had 6 allen head bolts that threaded into the flywheel...the new Tilton clutch is too tall for these...anyone else use this? What is the thread and best length?


Hap Waldrop
02-01-2008, 10:13 AM
Doug, you going to run into alot of this on a race car, get your self a dial claiper if you don't already have one and simply measure what it with take to get thru the Tilton clutch to the flywheel, and make sure you don't get bolt to laong and sticking out in the back so they could wack something like backing plate bolts and oil pump cover. Hey something just crossed my mind, what engine backplate are you using with the hydraulic throw out bearing you may have to use the 1275 style engine backplate, that would be a good question for Scotty at Taylor, all the engines I use, even the 948s had the aluminum style 1275 engine backplate. If youusing the old sheetmetal 948/1098 backplate it could cuse a spacing problem with the hydraulic throwout bearing. A 1275 backing plate is a straight bolt on for a 948.