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07-21-2003, 05:50 PM
Hello, I am new to this forum, and I apologise for the content of my first post.. which is my view only, but i feel is important enough for me to make a stand.

I am making this post to express my horror at the treatment of one of the newest and to date most successful web sites dedicated to the preservation of the Classic Mini, www.mini-heritage.co.uk (https://www.mini-heritage.co.uk) by British Motor Heritage Ltd.

BMH Ltd has closed the site down, due to its ownership of the word "heritage". I am dismayed at this action, and I am sure that most normal Mini and hopefully other classic owners are too.

Mini Heritage is an enthusiasts website like this one, with no commercial activities and seeks to preserve the Classic Mini by providing a forum for owners. The site gets over 30,000 hits per month from like minded people who try to keep the traditional Mini alive, one of our cultural icons.

It is a petty move for BMH Ltd, and it concerns me that a company supposedly dedicated to maintaining classic cars should act against its customers in such a way, and should be treated as a caution to any web master who uses any of their “trade marks” in the site title.

sorry about this being a bit of an angry first post but we have enough problems keeping our pride and joy on the road without the greed of organisations taking over.

I am hoping that customers of BMH make their feelings known to them…. We are their customers, not rival firms trying to steal their profits.

Thank you for reading my post... in future they will be less heated I promise!

and now i have found this site... I hope i can help with answering mini questions and stuff....

Thank you for your time.... and i hope that i have not offended this sites admin with my post.

Dave M

07-22-2003, 02:37 PM
Sorry Dave, but you can't use the word "post" as the Washington Post owns it. graemlins/hammer.gif

Seriously, I agree with the petty intent. Have you heard that a certain children's entertainer, "Mr. Ray" is suing Disney. Turns out the school teacher in _Finding Nemo_ is called, you guessed it, "Mr. Ray." It would be a bit of a laugh if Disney lost the suit!

07-22-2003, 07:59 PM
It saddens me that BMH could be so petty. I really thought that they were above this, but evidently not!

tony barnhill
07-22-2003, 09:12 PM
Curious how BMH can own the word 'heritage'...methinks they just bluffed somebody....so if I build a website called something like www.Heritage (https://www.Heritage) of British Cars.com they could close me down? Think not! Somebody gave in way too easily - I know a good lawyer!