View Full Version : Cool Chase scene with a Mini!

03-02-2003, 09:47 PM
My son bought the "Bourne Identity" and there is a really great chase scene in a Red Mini!

03-02-2003, 11:18 PM
Yup! Excellent!


03-04-2003, 12:16 PM
I personally think the best mini chase scene is in The Man Who Knew too Little with Bill Murry.


05-05-2003, 02:40 PM
I've seen the new Italian Job. It was nice. Won't win awards, but its still a fun show. The best scene IMHO by far was when one of the characters was driving a classic Mini Cooper all through traffic.

05-06-2003, 01:25 PM
I have to agree with Basil on the chase scene. It is not a radical departure from other car chase scenes except that it seemd to be one of the most realistic that I have ever seen.

I've been tempted to do up my mini (when I get it) as a "Bourne" look alike.

The original "Get Carter" has a pretty good chase scene with a Sunbeam Alpine (the driver ain't bad either images/icons/rolleyes.gif - no, I'm not referring to Michael Caine > images/icons/smile.gif

Alex G
05-13-2003, 02:58 PM
Yeah, Get Carter is great. Caine also hammers it round in a MK2 Cortina images/icons/smile.gif

05-13-2003, 05:53 PM
The Transporter had some nice chase scenes but all French and German cars.

05-13-2003, 10:25 PM
Huck, Getting the "Bourne look" shouldn't be too hard...some orange spray paint and careless driving and you should have the look in no time images/icons/smile.gif

05-14-2003, 06:50 PM
That would allow me to pick-up a real beater and still "show it" with pride! graemlins/thirsty.gif

06-24-2003, 12:28 PM
OK, I was wavering a bit in my commitment to go with a mini, but after seeing the new Italian Job this weekend, I came away thinking only one thing...


The new ones were nice, but I am sold on the classic one zipping around at the begining of the film.

Now, I just need to save up and convince the wife. images/icons/confused.gif

06-25-2003, 10:51 PM

Drive one. You won't be disappointed. One of the best ear to ear experiences around. I'll bet you can't drive it just once!

Not only does the driver smile ear to ear, but every one else on the highway does too..