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08-06-2003, 01:56 PM
It seems a blonde an an attorney were seated next to each other on a cross country flight. The laywer asked the blonde if she wanted to play a game. She politely refused, as she wanted to sleep. The lawyer kept after her, telling her it was a simple game. He would ask her a question, and if she didn't know the answer, she would give him $5.00. Then she got a chance to ask him a question for the same stakes. She once again refused, and dozed off. Finally the lawyer wakes her up and tells her that if she doesn't know the answer to his question, she will pay him the five, but if she can stump him, he will give her $500.00. Anxious to get back to sleep, she agrees. The attorney asks her "What is the distance form the Earth to the Moon?" She thinks for a minute, and hands him five bucks. She then asks him "What goes up a hill on three legs, and comes down on four legs?" He thinks for awhile, finally gets out his laptop, accesses every database he can think of, and can't come up with a thing. He wakes her back up and hands her the $500, and she goes back to sleep. Now he's going nuts, so he re-wakes her and asks "What's the answer to your question. It's driving me crazy!" She reaches into her purse, and hands him another $5.

tony barnhill
08-06-2003, 02:00 PM
She must've been the same lady with the Rolls Royce in underground parking in London as collateral for a loan she didn't need while she took a flight!

racing girl
08-06-2003, 05:21 PM
Amsterdam but who's quibbling? She's probably a brunette who dyed her hair blonde!

tony barnhill
08-06-2003, 09:23 PM
Hey, wonder if all the blonde jokes are about the same woman in different settings?