View Full Version : Tragic end to a perfectly good trip to the dentist office.

06-18-2003, 08:26 PM
Kind'a long sorry.

Ok I (like many of us in this group) don’t use their LBC as a daily driver. So whenever I get the chance regardless of how much time I have I like to drive my 78B. Most of the time this means weekends, days off or if I’m really lucky and my job has me working in town.

So yesterday (Tuesday) I had a scheduled dental appointment – you know, just a normal check-up and cleaning not a big deal. Well, because it was a really nice day, I decided to drive the roadster to my appointment and didn’t think twice about it.

What a beautiful afternoon drive it turned out to be. There I was tooling the back roads on a sunny Southern California day, with the top down and the oldies FM radio station in the background keeping perfect time the engine for the entire 25-minute drive. Sadly this all had to end - but I knew I’d soon be back at in the B, zipping back down the road after my “short” doctors visit. Or so I thought.

Anyway the next thing I know, I was in the waiting room updating some forms and came to the questions part. One asked: “If I was in any pain or if I had any problems I’d like to discuss with the doctor?”. Well after thinking about it I was reminded that my wife had asked me to make sure that I have them look at a tooth, which would bother me from time to time. From that moment on the rest of the afternoon was like a seen out of the movie “The Running Man” with Dustin Hoffman. The movie that made famous the line “Is it safe?” - as whispered by the former Nazi doctor/dentist played by Sir Laurence Olivia while he tortured Hoffman’s character for information.

Well I must have sat in that dentist chair for almost 5 hours with my mouth held open the entire time by a “wheel chock” as the doctor labored away in my mouth. Buy the time it was all over, I’d all but forgotten that I had driven my B to my appointment earlier. Leaving the dentist’s office it was now getting dark and the Temperature was starting to drop. Remember it was sunny and warm when I left and all I had on was shorts and an old Hawaiian shirt. I didn’t want to mess with putting the top up, as I only wanted to get my prescription filled for Vicodin and get home to bed before the shots the dentist gave me wore off completely.

Let me tell you folks the drive home wasn’t as nice as I’d originally envisioned it would be. Making matters worse when a really nice gal pulls up next to me at a stoplight and commented on the old MGB. Not that I was trying to pick-up on anybody (wife won’t let me do that anymore) but let’s just say that there ain’t no-way you can look cool in “ANY” car with a mouth full of cotton and drool coming down your chin.

A sad but very valuable lesson is to be had in my tale. For the next time I go to the dentist, I plan on leaving my B at home or at least put the top up to avoid another embarrassing situation like that again.