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11-01-2002, 03:11 AM
A police man is sitting in his cruiser outside a pub. An obviously drunk patron steps out of the bar and almost falls over. Takes the poor guy a minute or two to get his composure before he starts staggering over towards the parking lot.

The policeman is starting to watch this guy cause he's obviously in no shape to drive. As he watches the drunk bumps into a few cars and say's in a loud voice " excuse me " every time. Some people come out of the pub and carefully avoid him as they try to leave. The police officer watches the guy approach a car and fumble then drop some keys. More people avoid him as he crawls around trying to pick up his keys, and when he finds them he unlocks his door from a kneeling position and gets in his car.

The policeman just waits as the bar clears out to see if this guy is actually going to drive, and sure enough when almost every car has left the lot the drunk guy fires up his car and very slowly cruises out of the lot onto the road.

The police officer has seen enough at this point and pulls out behind the car,pulls him over and provides him with the ever popular roadside breath test. The officer is flaggergasted!

" This test says you haven't had a thing to drink!"

The driver says " Yes sir.. not a drop all day"

"Then how come I saw you come out of that pub staggering and dropping your keys like you were completely drunk? "

The driver smiled and said " I was the designated decoy.."

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