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09-19-2002, 10:04 PM
Henri: Keep your day job....please!Posted by aeronca65t with respect to "New Target"

Your response reminded me of this story...

A new prisoner was introduced into the Solitary Confinement area of this prison. He hadn't been there but for a few moments when he heard someone shout, "8", followed by hysterical laughing throughout the cell-block. A little later after all the laughter had subsided another shout went out, "63", followed again by everyone in the cell-block laughing their guts out. Again, after that had subsided someone shouted, "18", followed again by everyone in the cell-block laughing. Well this went on for sometime - numbers being shouted out ,one after another, with laughing following each number! Finally the new prisoner couldn't take it any longer he asked the prisoner in the next cell what was going on. His neighbor replied, "most of us have been down here for so long that we've numbered our jokes and when someone wants to tell a joke they just yell the number out instead of telling the whole joke." The new prisoner thought about this for awhile and then decided that he would join in. So, he yell out, "23." Nothing happened, not even a giggle. Well he thought maybe there is no joke 23, so he tried another, this time he yelled, "54." Again, nothing, not even a peep. Okay, so there was no joke 54, well he remembered that earlier someone had shouted "8", so he thought he'd give that a try. Again, nothing , absolutely nothing. Thinking that something was wrong he asked the prisoner in the next cell what he had done wrong. His neighbor replied, "well some folks can tell a joke some can't!" images/icons/tongue.gif

Maybe that was the problem with the "New Target" joke? graemlins/crazy.gif

09-19-2002, 11:50 PM
Heard somthing similar before.

Thought the other guy was gonna say "we dont tell jokes like that here"