View Full Version : A Blonde With Her "New" Jaguar...

01-09-2002, 11:19 AM
A blonde had things go her way and she found herself with a generous amount of money to buy herself another car.

She did not want another of the zillion yuppie specials like a BMW or a Benz. She found a beautiful XK150 roadster and decided that this was the car for her.

So there she was, cruising down a lovely country road when the car sputtered to a halt. She called the auto club to come and see what they could do.

After a short time, along comes a gent in a service truck who said he'd try and find out why the car stopped.

After some fiddling with the fuel system, the car was purring happily again. When asked what the problem was, the repairman said "Crap in the carburettors."

The blonde said, "Oh, how often must I do that?" images/icons/smile.gif