View Full Version : Three guys standing in line

11-19-2001, 02:09 AM
Three guys were standing in line at the Pearly Gates waiting to see if they would get into heaven. The line was rather long, so the first man decided to strike up a conversation. He turns to the man behind him and asks, "So, what brings you here?" The second man replies, "Well, I came home early from work today, and when I entered my 3rd floor apartment, I could tell that my wife, who was still in bed, had been with another man. I saw the window was open, so I looked out and saw the SOB leaving my building. I got so angry, I picked up a refidgerator and threw it out the window at him. I guess the strain was too much and I had a heart attack and here I am."

"What about you," the second man asked the first.

"Well," the first man replied, "I'm not really sure what happened to me. I was just walking out of my appartment building on my way to work and the lights just went out."

Then, they turn to the third man and ask, "and what happened to you?"

"I'm not really sure either," the third man replied. "One minute I was sitting in this refigerator..."

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