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07-06-2001, 03:35 AM
One day the lord decides to change the rules for getting into heaven. He tells the angel at the front gate that starting at noon tomorrow the person must have had a bad day in order to get into heaven. So the next day the first person walks up to the gates. The angel asks him how his day went the day he died. The man replies that he has suspected his wife of cheating on him so he went home early to suprise her and sure enough she was in the living room of there 10th story apartment half naked putting her clothes on. They begin to have a very heated arguement and he notices someone hanging off the rail off the balconey so he goes over there and smacks the guys hands and he falls 10 storys down but a tree breaks his fall so the guy grabs the first thing he can get his hands on, a refridgerator and throws it off the balconey and lands on the guy. "After that I had a heart attack and died." the man says. "Well" the angel thinks "It sounds like a pretty bad day." So the angel lets him pass. The next guy comes up and the angel asks him about the day he died. The guy replies "I was up in my 11th story apartment minding my own bussines and I heard someone screaming so I stepped out on my balconey to see where it was coming from. Well I lost my balance and fell over. I grabed on to the rail on the balconey below me and this crazy man comes out and smacks my hands and I fall 10 storys down. A tree broke my fall but I was in so much pain I couldn't move. The last thing I seen was this refridgerator coming at me." "Wow you really did have a bad day." the angel replies. So the angel lets him pass. The next guy walks up and the angel asks him about the day he died. "Well" the guy says "Picture this. I'm naked inside a refridgerator..........."

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