View Full Version : T handle screwdrivers?

01-14-2003, 10:05 AM
I recently sliced my "working hand" open while cutting sheet metal for replacement footwells. Brings me to this. Has anyone seen/used T handle screwdrivers? Im having a hard time gripping a screwdriver with the cut on my hand and it seems like a T handle one would work well. Even removing 4 screws from the lh door i took off took me 20 minutes of fumbling around. Anyone seen these? I had a cheap "foldy" one but im looking for something more quality laden. Thanks-Josh

PS wear leather gloves when cutting metal, not cotton.

01-14-2003, 08:25 PM
When I worked at a Honda shop, I used to buy them from the parts dept. They were cheap too, don't know if Honda still sells them. Check a motorcycle bits catalog like Chaparral or Dennis Kirk. https://www.denniskirk.com/

Peter Joe
01-14-2003, 11:32 PM
You can look at the snapon site (www.snapon.com), they sell ratcheting magnetic screwdrivers either in T-handle, or pistol grip (web links below), that you could use. They also sell posidriv screwdriver tips which the British automotive and motorcycle industry used to replace the older styled phillips during the 60's, however, I imagine your Sprite uses the old style phillips. Other options would be using 1/4 inch drive or 3/8 drive sliding T-handle and socket drivers which you can find at the snapon site or other tool vendors as well. Now, a speed handle could be used as well, and you can really lay some weight into that fastener!

Snap on Magnetic T-Handle:

https://buy.snapon.com/catalog/PRO.asp?tool=all&SUB%5FCat%5FID=1396931&SUB%5FCat%5FNAME=Ratcheting+%2F+Plastic+Handle&Cat%5FID=1396533&Cat%5FNAME=Screwdrivers&group%5Fid=706&group%5 Fname=T%2DHandle&store=snapon%2Dstore

Snap on Magnetic pistol grip:

https://buy.snapon.com/catalog/PRO.asp?tool=all&Group%5FID=705&Group%5FName=Pistol+Grip&Sub%5FCat%5FID=1364419&Sub%5FCat%5FName=Pistol+Grip&Cat%5FID=1364012&Cat%5FNAME=Screwdrivers& store=snapon%2Dstore