View Full Version : Route 50 Challenge

Michael Oritt
03-05-2003, 01:03 AM
For those who were at Tahoe last summer, you'll remember that a challenge was laid down to West Coast drivers by those of us who drove Route 50 from Ocean City to Tahoe--essentially it was to see if more "Left Coasters" would make the drive cross-country to attend Conclave in DC this June than we had in our "little" group of East Coaster's that made the big drive--20 or so as I recall.

I know of one fellow from the Bay Area that is driving East on Route 50 in his 100 Le Mans--Though I thought all the real iron-assed Healey drivers lived in the Golden State I am beginning to wonder!

So--Is anyone else planning on making the drive? We were going to buy a Magnum of Champagne for what we feared would be the winners but it looks like we can save the money.

What's the story????

Best--Michael Oritt