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Tony C
01-09-2001, 04:42 AM
Stelvio 2001 is this years incarnation of an annual event organised for Elise drivers for Elise drivers celebrating the press debut of the car at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 1995. This year it takes the form of a two week 2700 mile trip through the Spanish mountains. Its not about sightseeing and swish hotels although a smattering of both cant be avoided. Its all about long days in the sun driving the best and most challenging mountain roads imaginable in the company of other Elise drivers. We plan to start from Goodwood Circuit where Lotus cars our main sponsor will flag the cars on their way and will include the Portsmouth - Bilbao ferry crossing for those that do not want to drive down through France.
The entry is limited to 50 cars and is just about half full at present.
Chb pages for the full details www.stelvio.org.uk (https://www.stelvio.org.uk)

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