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04-21-2004, 10:44 AM
Have old beater 86 Volvo (aka Swedish Brick that you can't kill with an elephant gun) I would like to get an inexpensive paint job on ...a la Maaco, etc. Is dark gray and apparently had some sort of clearcoat on top that has peeled off in patches making it terminally ugly. Is it worth it doing something to get the rest of the overcoat off before going to the paint guys. I will talk to them but they are monetarily motivated so not sure about the honesty of the answer. Would chemical removal work or is it sanding only and what would I use (machine? grit? etc.). This is my second car that goes in snow in Denver when the MGB isn't an attractive alternative and hauls stuff on the roof, etc. etc.

04-21-2004, 11:58 AM
I would talk to the painter. If I didn't trust them I wouldn't have them paint my car. Even for the family beater I would want a half-decent shoot or I wouldn't get painted in the first place.

You might try getting estimates from a couple different painters. If they agree on whether to strip or not you'll have more confidence. You'll also have more options to balance cost vs. quality.


Bruce Bowker
04-21-2004, 12:10 PM
If you have the time - sand and sand and sand. Wet paper maybe a 400 to start- you could try even 200 but you would have to experiment to see how much that takes off in one shot - and get finer and finer. Go right down to the primer if you can. Watch sharp edges so to speak so you don't go down to metal. Best to sand with a block so not to get irregular sanding because of hand or finger pressure. Corners you can use your hand or a very flexible block. Lots of work though but expensive if you pay someone do it right.

Absolutely don't paint over bad paint but I think that is obvious. One huge part of painting is preparation.

More thoughts - if you can remove all chrome/accents. badges or as much as possible, grill, bumpers etc. You really need to sand right up to the door handles or take them off. Same with window molding. I am guessing this is not a show paint job images/icons/smile.gif The more you can do the less it will cost. The painter can tape up what he needs to and tack rag it. Should get painted as soon as possible after all the sanding.

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