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11-06-2003, 03:14 PM
I've always had car covers for my "outside" cars, my last one was an Evolution-4 material cover custom made for my Saturn. The cover kept the car clean when I went on trips, etc, but when it got wet it got to be a big bulky wet mess - plus it was just big, even when rolled tightly.

This summer I ordered a custom made cover for my Miata. I keep it outside and wanted a silver, waterproof cover that would keep the weather and sun off the fabric top, and keep the car clean. After shopping for awhile I decided on a California Car Cover (https://www.calcarcover.com) "Superweave" cover (they said it was the most waterproof and lightest weight, so I bought it). Covercraft also sells a cover made of the same material under the name "Weathershield".

The material is extremely light, resembling a Nylon dust cover. It can be rolled/stuffed into extremely small spaces so it's great for trips and storage in the back of LBCs, Miatas, etc. Unfortunately the material is thin so protection against dings from tree limbs, hail, etc is minimal.

I really had my doubts about this cover, figured it was just another hyped nylon material. Boy was I wrong! I've never seen a cover repel water like this one does. It does such a good job that even condensation (and in Florida I have massive amounts of it in the morning) doesn't seep though.

The material is waterproof to the point that after a heavy rain you can kind of "blow" any pooled-water off, then wipe the rest off by dragging a dry towel across the car. In the mornings it takes me a minute to do the towel bit before I roll the cover up, but underneath is a bone-dry car (more importantly a perfectly dry fabric top that I can lower without worrying about mildew).

The other good news is the Miata cover fits the MGB like a glove, so it comes with me when I overnight at hotels with the MG!

Today I managed to grab some video of the cover in action during a thunderstorm, enjoy!

Click here for video (https://www.aerog.com/bcf/ccover.avi) (982k I suggest you right-click and "save as" to save the video before viewing)

The video is encoded with DIVX, the player/codec is available here. (https://download.divx.com/divx/DivX51Bundle.exe) (I don't have enough server space for the full 4mb raw video)

(PS: I've probably mentioned the cover before, thought I'd write it properly along with the video)

11-07-2003, 01:02 AM
Thanks for the advise. I had been using a Tyvek cover. It did reasonably well, and tucked away well, but it fit like socks on a rooster. And it tore on the wheelwell of my right rear quarterpanel much easier than I thought it should. I just moved in to an apt with a garage, so the the cover will work for the occasional trip. But I will keep your post in mind for the future.


11-07-2003, 10:11 AM
The Superweave cover I got for the Miata fits great, and is long enough to cover about 3/4 of the wheels - of course that car is so low I suppose they needed to do that to ensure it covers to the rocker panels, etc.

That material is fun to play with too graemlins/blush.gif you can kind of push the water together until it runs off the car (leaving the cover dry). In a light rain it's like watching a scene from Terminator-2 when the liquid-metal robot starts to reassmble itself, except the water finally gets so heavy it pulls itself off the cover images/icons/grin.gif