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doug noll
06-06-2002, 11:01 AM
I've recently discovered a cleaner called "Krud
Kutter", available from Lowes in this area. I was
reluctant to spend money on something with such
a hokey name, wifelet bought some and I had to
try it out. On some tires that I had already
washed with car cleaning soap, I sprayed some on
and let it stand for a few minutes. When I returned, it had emulsified the dirt that was
still on the tires......I did a quick brush scrub
and rinsed the tires. Result was really black
tires that looked an awful lot like new. I'm now
enthusiastic about the product and have used it
on all sorts of applications. Silly name, but
very useful product.
Doug Noll

06-06-2002, 08:00 PM
I just saw big skid of this stuff at Home Depot (just like Loews). I'll try it when I use up my Simple Green.