View Full Version : Windshield/Glass cleaning

05-10-2002, 05:22 PM
Just thought I'd pass a little tip along that I've been using this season with a lot of success...

I've always struggled with different ways of cleaning windshield and side glass. Lots of products out there, some better than others. Last year I started using "Rain-X" window cleaner (not their anti-rain treatment, just a cleaner). Works great, very little streaking, easy to use.

Here's a tip though - pick up a small bottle of Mother's Chrome Cleaner (they might call it a polish on the bottle, I can't remember) - it isn't a thick abrasive polish, but a maintenance "cleaner" for chrome. The product itself is a thin blue aromatic liquid that you wipe onto the chrome/metalwork and let dry before buffing off.

Try that same chrome cleaner/polish on your glass. Smear it on (make sure to reach the corners and edges), let it dry, then buff it off with a clean 100% cotton terry towel (I usually order mine off yahoo, but you can get thick plush white 100% cotton towels in some stores).

The result is a perfectly clear smear-free piece of glass. At shows I usually go around the car, wet down the mirrors, wheels, door/window trim, etc, then go over the glass - and wipe off in reverse order.